It’s Illegal To Use A Legal Name

It’s Illegal To Use A Legal Name

It is a legal fact that it’s illegal to use a legal name.

Without having express written permission to use a legal name, in honour, you will be doing so in fraud.

Do you have such permission?   You would know for sure if you did, wouldn’t you?

Those who have been licensed to practice law/bar association members/those who ‘crossed the bar’/ judges, lawyers, barristers, attorneys, etc., may have the permission to use legal names/legal documents, etc., (the birth certificate is a legal document/contract with a copyright claim to it) without committing fraud – however BEFORE becoming licensed/bar members, judges, barristers, etc., they too would have been using legal names in fraud like everyone else.

It’s important to realise that as there is no statute of limitations on the crime of fraud, and where fraud vitiates all it touches, rendering ALL contracts based within a fraud/where a fraud has been subsequently revealed, any/all legal name matters become instantly NULL & VOID, Ab Initio, Nunc Pro Tunc, Ad infinitum.   That means null & void since from before the beginning, now for then, to infinity.

In light of the above, the situation is as follows:

A system is still ‘running’ which no longer exists according to its own legal rules on the crime of Fraud.

Whilst everyone has been using a legal name illegally at some point from birth (no statue of limiations on fraud), there can be and has been no honour, no clean hands and no exceptions to this simple state of affairs – albeit a state of affairs which brings with it life-changing ramifications where the veil is not only lifted the whole false reality legal illusion is shattered!

Fraud is a crime.

The whole legal system construct has been exposed as fraudulent at its very core by the Legal Name Fraud revelation.  

The truth about the legal name Fraud has DESTROYED the whole legal construct since BEFORE it began and on to INFINITY.  

Legality no longer exists by its own rules – yet as we can see, those who ‘uphold’ and ‘enforce’ legality don’t play by their own rules unless it profits them to do so.  

There is no profit for the control matrix legal parasites in simply packing-up and going home to do something useful, something which is not parasitical, not criminal and which harms nobody.

So what now?

It must be each to his/her own heart and conscience as to what happens now.

Either in full knowing or in ignorance of the fact that all legal name use/the legal system itself is fraudulent at its core, those who wish to continue to utilise, promote, uphold, enforce, etc., the fictional construct that was the legal system then by all means do so – let the ‘dead’ fictions play with the ‘dead’ fictions if that is what they wish and consent to do.

However, know this:

ONLY those who actively give their full and express consent to be a part of the legal system (never again will assumptions or presumptions be acceptable) will be deemed willing participants/actors/players.

Where the default position previously was ‘everyone’ uses the legal name/system, the new default position is more and more do not use the legal name/system  – so we are each responsible to ensure we are not duping, defrauding, coercing, etc., others into legality and criminality – even if you believe ‘just doing my job’ is a reason to continue as you have before, because it most certainly is NOT!

Remember, once a fraud is revealed (legal name fraud has long been revealed) any contracts/actions based within said fraud are null & void.  Fraud vitiates everything it touches.

Clearly, those who do not consent to be a part of the legal system must be left in peace by those who choose it and shall never again be assumed and presumed by others as willing legal system users.

Where any use of legality is undertaken by those who do not consent and who are standing in the truth that it’s illegal to use a legal name it follows that this must be due to some form of coercion.

Coercion is a crime.  

Anyone at all who assumes and presumes another to be ‘legal-fodder’ or in any way coerces another into any form of legality is guilty of committing crimes against ‘the living’ (‘the living’ simply refers to those who are no longer willing to play dead-by-consent legal fiction i.d.-entities in the legal system false reality matrix).

There are many crimes which have been/are being committed against ‘the living’ by those who insist and persist in the legal system false reality matrix, so it is important to realise right now that things have changed forever more as this truth and those who stand in it are here to stay and what was once and for too long the norm (that legality applied to all and all consented to it) is no longer the norm for many, where it is true that more and more each day walk away from the fraudulent, criminal legal system false reality matrix and join the ranks of ‘the living’ who adhere to creation’s law, natural law only.

That is the most simple overview of the truth and the situation as it is now.

READ and SHARE the following link to the BCCRSS: 

Birth Certificate Fraud Clausula Rebus Sic Stantibus aka BCCRSS/B.C.C.R.S.S.

For more information about how humanity reached this point, visit these sites to read, listen, share…  (translations of kate’s writings) (truth radio/blog portal) (political scandal fraud) (education scandal fraud)

This information can be shocking, and it is a rude awakening for many as it destroys the false reality we have grown up within, so do remember to breathe!



its illegal to use a legal name .pdf

10 Replies to “It’s Illegal To Use A Legal Name”

  1. Succinct, to the point and no nonsense, ‘coercion’ the operative point. It is to be hoped that this message gains global traction, and soon, because its conscious understanding and subsequent action is the way forward. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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